Wednesday, December 10, 2003

My scale is going wanky! :P So I'm either at 181, or 179.5, or 177.5! lol! The fact that the other day it said 189, then 184, then 183 makes me think that there is something wrong with it. I HATE changing scales, but it may be time for a new one. (though I would LOVE to think I'm at 177.5 and only 3 lbs from my goal)

Yesterday was another challenge... but I made it through. I found out that my daughter had a music concert! I managed to adjust my nutrition (I couldn't go home, my kids live 2 hours away) but missed another workout! NOT a good start to a challenge...

Still I'm keeping my head up and my hopes! Even if I'm at the highest of the weights today (181) that's 2 lbs gone for the week, so I've reached my goal there!

Doing what I can here and not beating myself up over the rest. It was tempting today to throw the nutrition out the window. With not being able to go home and eat the rest of my meals I wanted to just start in at lunchtime eating whatever I wanted... but I didn't, I ate what I had brought with me and got a sensable dinner later at Carls (BBQ Chicken Sandwiches PLANE are awsome - a nice REAL chicken breast, roasted, on whole wheat bun) An energy bar for meal 6 and I was set. Good thing I packed my four other meals! Still rolling strong and aiming for Jan 4th!

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