Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Ever since I took that week off, I've struggled to get back into the excercise grooove. I keep slipping on my self promices...and even my promices to others and I hate myself for it. I've GOT to get my focus back before the 5th when I start my first 12 week challenge of the new year. I know I need to workout. I can feel the difference in my energy levels. Luckily, I've been reletively clean in the eating department and that's kept me losing. I'm just frustrated, and dissapointed...And fighting for all it's worth to get my 'groove' back.

It's easy to make excuses. "It's the holidays", "The colder weather makes me tired and want to hybernate" "I can't find a cardio that I like". But they are all just excuses. I know that the people who get it done.. just GET IT DONE. And that's not happening. It's time to take a hard line with myself and NOT let the tired lazy me talk myself into my old lifestyle. I'm NOT going to lose this battle. I can't, not this time. It's not in me to quit, but it's all to easy to let things slide.

Ah well, today's a new day and a new chance to make a differnce in ME.

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