Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Ouch, Owe, Owie.... it's so bad I have to say it in three languages! lol! My legs and lower back hurt YES, but so does my arms and shoulders... just goes to prove that squats really DO utilize nearly every part of your body.

Nutrition was PERFECT yesterday. BUT, after all my momentem yesterday, LIFE happened and my workout was not to be. BUT I have 1 rest day per week and it WILL be made up. Upper Body is planned for tonight and I cannot WAIT. my favorite workout by FAR. I'm going to add weight to each of these excercises as well even it means I have to do some drop sets. Cory has challenged me ;) Nutrition today .. well LIFE also caused me to not be able to plan ahead today. I grabbed clean eats, but I doubt I've eaten ENOUGH yet. But I'll be able to adjust later. I'm nothing if not flexable.

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