Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Somedays I really hate my body. Today is one of them. It usually happens when I have this 'vision' in my head of what I want to look like, and then I get dressed and what I see is NOTHING like what I have invisioned.

I was so excited about the sweater I got this weekend. I had the 'perfect' outfit in mind. Black turtleneck with my hip hugger slacks... I just knew I would be the ipidimy of 'sheek'. But instead when I checked the mirrow, my sweater didn't tuck correctly and instead of hugging and showing off my new slimmer waist it bulged and looked like I had a roll along the endge of the waist band. And then the 'bulk' of the sweater when tucked, added lumps under my slack in ALL the wrong places. So a day I had hoped to spend feeling stunning and successful I'm spending tugging, and tucking and grumpy. Oh well!

Did an upper body workout last night. I didn't 'kill' myself, after taking some advice that I might see more progress if I tried a different approach. So I'm trying. It was wierd to end a workout not feeling completely wrung out. Don't get me wrong, I was tired and sore, but not the 'Oh my, don't ask me to scratch my nose' tired and sore. Still, these couple of week are a good time for me to experiment and it was acutally a lot of fun to mix things up a bit.

I started with doing 15 half (girl) pushups to warm up. I had to laugh because earlier this year I could barely do 10 of these as a matter of fact I hurt my back strainging to do over 10. To throw out 15 as a WARM UP was really cool. Then I did 15 pushups with my knees on the swiss ball as a second warm up. What I had planned to do was super sets, but I couldn't figure out if, when doing super sets, if I should use the same weight on every exciercise so as to not have a pause. In order to accomidate no pause, no weight change - I took what was going to be a four excercise 'set' and broke it into 2 2 excercise sets. I figured 25lbs was a good weight for chest and back, whereas shoulders I wouldn't be able to do more then 15lbs. What I didn't factor in was how HARD doing 15 reps would be. SHEESH! By then I was so into my new workout I completely forgot that I was going to do pull first and THEN push.. duh! I switch them up next time! So I loaded 25 lbs on the dumbbells and started to do chest press. I couldn't figure out why it felt so HARD... Then I recalculated and realized that I had loaded 30 lbs on each dumbell. With visions of Nicole pushing 50lb dumbells, I went ahead and pushed out 6 reps at 30 lbs. Was pretty cool! then I REALLY got 25lbs loaded and after a rest I did my fifteen chest presses and without a rest did 15 bent rows. a short rest and I tried to do the next set of 15. HA! ended up dropping the weight do 20 to finish. WHEW. Then 15 bent rows no problem. My back is MUCH stronger then my chest it seems. Second 'super' set I did military press 15 reps, and thanks to Jeremy managed to use excercise bands and Jurry rig a lat pull down. I think I might need a few sturdier bands though because even with three bands strapped on, it was a little easy. I would have liked a little more of a burn. Even so, my mid back is a little sore today. Feels good! Second set of 15 reps was pretty much the same. THEN.. just because I was feeling good and wanted to fool around a little I did a handstand for about 30 seconds. I think that's why my shoulders are a little sore today in a new place. Eventually (years from now, I'm sure) I want to do handstand pushups. Just to say I can!

Nutrition is going well. Eating out at lunch today, but I've got it all planned. They wheeled out another batch of sweets today.. a CART LOAD, but I've passed it all by. Not worth it.

Happy Holiday's all!

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