Friday, January 7, 2005

Another great day on the way. I have to say it's SO exciting to look over and see that string of 'on plan' days on my calendar. I like it - a LOT! I want to keep this momentem going.

Food is good so far, and I have my lunch packed and ready. The steak is in the fridge for dinner tonight so no excuses. Best of all - between having my period and losing that first week's water weight, I've dropped 5.5 lbs this week. That's always a nice motivating factor.

So far no out of site urges to eat or out of control cravings. If I could only stay like this always, I would never look the way I look now! I'm sure the going will get rough some day soon. All I can do now is prepare myself as best I can.

Has anyone else tried the new Body for Life bars and shakes? I’m liking them!

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