Friday, January 14, 2005

So, yesterday went great. Food was good choices and I got my run in at about 10:00pm. I was really proud of myself and my control yesterday. My boss took me out to lunch and I ordered the chicken. Then, when they set a plate in front of me that had not one, not two but THREE entire chicken breasts, plus about a cup and a half of mashed potatoes and about a cup of steamed veggies, I sat there and ate good smart portions; one of the chicken breasts, ½ of the potatoes and all the veggies. Later when I was in Wallgreens I started craving chocolate. I thought to myself, “I’ll get a protein bar” As I browsed the protein bars it occurred to me that I wasn’t really ‘hungry’ as in stomach hungry, but I was mouth/head hungry. While I’m all for essaying a craving now and then, it didn’t mean that I needed to sit there and snarf an entire 200+ calorie protein bar. So I skipped the bar, skipped the chocolate and once I left the store, the cravings were gone anyway!

I woke up this morning aching from heat to toe! My chest, triceps and back are sore from my upper body workout, my butt and legs are sore from the lower body workout and the running and my right foot is reacting to the running (Plantar Fasciitis) All but the foot makes me feel GREAT. I’m just going to have to watch my running a little bit and see if I can keep the swelling and pain down in my foot. More stretching, taping my foot and some ibuprofen should get me through.

Looking forward to another great day!

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