Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Really busy at work today - almost overwhelming, but I wanted to take a moment and check it.

Yesterday went as planned. I stayed on plan until dinner, ate a 'free' dinner (It was yummy) and then back on plan for the rest of the evening. So - a GREEN day! whoop.

This morning was going to be a 'free meal' for breakfast, but the food was so crappy that I skipped it and had 'planned' food later. Why waste a free meal on crappy food? I'll save those calories for something good!

I was away from home, so I didn't get my run in this morning, but I'm planning on hitting the old 'tread' when I get home tonight. I'll do some stretching and pilates after. So it's all pretty much set!

Lack of sleep and stress at work has my enthusiasm dulled a bit. But I'm not having the urge to eat anything unautherized. I don't even have a list of 'cheat' foods created because I haven't been craving anything. If this keeps up it will be clear sailing.

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