Monday, January 3, 2005

It's only 9:00am, and I've already accplished so much! I'm high on my own success at the moment! The day started right when I leavered my arse out of bed at 5:00AM (a miracle for me) and started weight training. The workout was great! It felt so great to be pumping iron again.

Swiss Ball Press

20 x 12

25 x 10

30 x 8

35 x 6

30 x 12


12 x 12

Standing Upright Rows

10 x 12

15 x 10

20 x 8

25 x 6

20 x 12

Shoulder Press

12 x 12

Bent Barbell Row

30 x 12

35 x 10

40 x 8

45 x 6

40 x 12

Bent Flye

12 x 12

I skipped tris and bis mainly because they were already feeling fried by the other work I had done. I figured it made no sense to push it too far on my first day back. I expect to see those numbers to go up in the near future, but I really please with how I felt during, and AFTER my workout, for now. I know I've had a perfect workout, when I'm tired at the end of it, but within 2 hours I get this RUSH that makes me want to go in and do it again (Not that I could)

After that, I made a shake, showered and basically puttered around and did all those things that I never seem to have time for in the morning: Check mail, gather all things together so I don't forget anything, things like that. My lunches and second breakfast were already packed so I was ready to go, and was into work, well before my 'normal' time of 9:00AM.

The 'I did it' feeling has me aglow! I can't tell you how much the 'visualization' I've been working on has helped me. I've found a new use for my always active imagination! Last night, before I went to bed I laid there and 'visualized' how I wanted my morning to go. I imagined the alarm going off, and me waking up clear headed and alert, turning it off and getting out of bed immediatly. I went through the steps of getting dressed and heading to the other room to workout. Did it happen exactly as I imagined? No - but there is no doubt in my mind that mentally preparing myself did MUCH to get my butt out of bed this morning.

I use the same technique for other things. In my head I try to put myself into tempting situations and imagine the BEST possible outcome. Things like, walking past the pile of goodies they still have sitting here at work. Or ording chicken and salad and passing up the fries. That way, I've already come up with all the good/positive excuses why not to, and I've practiced saying them in my head, LONG before the tempation is staring me in a face. It's certainly something I'm going to keep on doing.

The plan for the rest of the day is pretty simple. As I said before, my lunches are packed. Dinner is a planned 'free meal' and my workout is done. I forsee today becoming another green mark on my calendar.

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