Friday, December 30, 2005

Because I know you woke up this morning and asked, I wonder what size pants Shawn wore today, I’m going to tell ya. I’m wearing size 14 jeans. Please note that’s NOT 14W.

Ok, so I admit they don’t fit perfectly, but they button and zip and I can sit in a chair and still breath :P I’m at that lovely ‘in between’ size right now. Size 16 is baggy – 14’s? Well can you say muffin top? I did NOT, however, wear a skin tight (or tighter) blouse over the top of them. I do have SOME level of modesty left in my body. Ok so not so much modesty but simply respect for other people’s feelings. I mean I post pictures of myself in a bikini for God’s sake – I don’t think modesty has any hold left on me.

And thus ends our TMI portion of the post ;)

Food yesterday was good. 1850 calories (yeah lower then I would like – but I ended up falling asleep for finishing meal 6 – duh.) 29/39/33% F/C/P

Up at 4:00AM again this morning. Actually woke up before the alarm, how sick is that?

We made it to the gym. Unfortunately I had forgotten to put the workout papers back in my fiance’s gym bag. We managed anyway ;)

Shoulders and Triceps (This seems like a weird combo to me but hey – I don’t write the program I simply follow it).

After warming up – here is what I did.

Barbell Shoulder Press (Plus Bar): 40 x 5 / 35 x 6 / 35 x 5
Yeah – I was having some trouble with strength today :( Maybe it was the lack of calories from the day before? I don’t know, I just know I felt wiped out from the very start.

Arnold Presses: 30 x 6 / 30 x 6
Standing Side Lateral Dumbbell Raises: 15 x 6 / 15 x 6 (I could have done 20… next time!)
Upright Row (short bar – total weight): 55 x 6 / 60 x 6
Tricep cable pushdowns: 100 x 6 / 105 x 6
Dumbbell Kick-backs: 25 x 6 / 25 x 6

Then we stretched a bit and hit the showers. I enjoyed what was probably my last peaceful workout for a while. I expect the resolutioners will be arriving any time now ;)

Today’s a big day for me. Friday’s are notoriously bad for me nutrition wise. I WILL stay on top of my eating. No, “I’ll make today a free day” for me. Today is NOT a free day! I’ll keep my calories at 2000 and I will finish the week as strong as I started it.


I may or may not see you (post again) before the first of the year – if I don’t, please know that I wish every one of you a Happy New Year. Be safe!


  1. Whenever I have problems with my workout from the beginning, it's always a tell-tale sign that I'm getting a cold.

  2. For me, it often means that my 'Aunt' is going to visit. heh.

    Or it could just mean that I didn't eat enough yesterday or get enough sleep.

    I sure hope it isn't a cold! I just got over one! bleh!

  3. Going great Shawn, keep it up! Good job on the size 14's!

    Challenges are starting on the weekend, time to kick ass and take names!

  4. OMG - just checked my spread sheet and I'm due to 'start' sometime between Jan 2nd to Jan 7th. Since I've been having trouble falling asleep all week and I started feeling Weak today - I'm guessing sooner rather then later. My body is so darn predictable. Good news - that means I'm retaining water right now - and I'm at 204!? AND wearing size 14. Oh HELL YEAH!

    and thus ended another episode of TMI theater!

  5. That is good that you know what your body is telling you. Happy New year.

  6. Good job on your workout and Happy new year!

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  8. You have a good New Year too Shawn, and I totally admire the way you want to keep those calories strict, and the workouts bang on, but don't ever feel as if one of those days is something to punish yourself for, or feel bugged about

    Not that I'm telling you your business as you know :-).

    You've had one of those great weeks, and you deserve to feel really proud of yourself.

    You've gone out from 2005 on a high, and you're going to start the New Year, with a absolute bang.

    Thanks for all the inspiring stories, and stats, and have a great New Years Eve. You deserve it. You've worked really hard, and really well to get this far, and you look amazing.

    You certainly deserve to go out tomorrow, looking as amazing you did in your last photos, and just have a great night out to celebrate. I hope the Queen will be allowed to be "belle of the ball" :-).

    It's a pity I didn't know you sooner, but in the short space of time I have, I would say 2005 has been your year.

    I am excited about your future for 2006.

    You've certainly been an inspiration I think, to everyone who posts here, and I know we all feel proud of you.

    Have an awesome New Years Eve Shawn, keep on smiling, and just keep doing what you're doing.

    Here's to you, and looking forward to potentially your best year ever.

    :-) :-) :-)


  9. YEAH on the size 14s!

    I am not too worried about the resolutioners. I don't think people who are just in it for resolutions will be there en masse before work. Now, AFTER work will definitely be a zoo, but I'm really hoping that WHEN WHEN WHEN (I'm convincing myself, LOL) I get up and go to the gym before work, it won't be too crazy.