Friday, December 2, 2005

I just found an AWSOME post on Meg's Blog

While she's working toward maintaining a FANTASTIC weight loss, so much of what she says applies to those of us still trying to START our journey - and even those of us who are in the middle some where....

Actually - let me send you a bit further back into her blog... Start with
Baby steps vs. the ultimate goal

How many of us can relate to

..."The thing is, by using all these things as part of the weight loss/maintenance thing, I tied them all together in my head, and that leaves me very vulnerable to the domino effect-- screw up one thing, and everything else gets wiggy-- "

Then she made THIS statement which REALLY struck a cord with me..

..."Really, the crux of the matter is what it is for so much of the rest of my life: I need to figure out how to motivate myself without using fear or shame or self-hate as a goad."

when she was sick sick sick

Then there was today's entry when she said I think I'm putting this together.

..."If I am encouraged and praised on something, it makes me want to try it again. If I enjoy something, it makes me want to try it again. What I need, in short, is to use the encouraging teacher/parent voice on myself. The voice that teases out the fun in things and makes drudgery into a game. The voice that encourages-- "Look how far you've come! Wow, you did that all by yourself! Good for you!"-- and praises-- "Wow, you're so good at this! You're really strong! You're really talented!" The voice that, when it turns out that I've made a mistake, praises me for catching the mistake and praises me for fixing it."

If you have a few minutes, go read and be encoraged ;)


  1. Those are some awesome posts on Meg's journal!!! Really got me to thinking of what I'm doing with my own goals and motivations. Thanks for posting those :-)


  2. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!! I need to cut and paste a lot of that into my journal. REALLY.

    On the other hand I was reading some of her other stuff and I am just bawling here, so much hits home. Boy I really need to sort some stuff out. I'm so glad I read your blog today, THANK YOU!



  3. I like small goals, or milestones...

    I focus on the 10k in a month, or running around the Paintball fields w/ out getting winded. If while I prepare for each of these things I lose a few pounds more better.