Thursday, December 15, 2005

I still haven't made it back to the gym, but I don't feel bad about it. I'm enjoying the rest. I'm still not 100% and add on top of that all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and well. My workouts have suffered. But - as I said I don't feel bad about it.

Food yesterday was Great! I did not eat a single thing that wasn't on my plan. Yes I passed up the brownies and cookies that the building management company sent down. And the candy canes that the receptionist brought to everyone's desk. AND while out shopping I refused to eat at the outlet mall 'food court' because I wasn't going to make my sacrifices moot by having crappy buffett style chinese food or a slice of 'pizza under the lights'.

Today's food will be just as good. I didn't have time to make a new plan last night, but yesterday's plan was good enough I can reuse it.

I just keep reminding myself, "it'll all be over sooon..." lol

seriously I'm enjoying the holidays even without the food indulgences, and I haven't seen anything yet that I haven't seen/eaten before. If I did - THEN it might be an excuse to splurge.

I wanted to add one last thing. I'm reading through the "Thin Commandments" again. As I've said before, I know what I should do, it's just wrapping my brain and psyci around doing it and this book helps. Anyway - I found this little blurb that lifted my spirits a little.

"No matter how many times you failed in the past, and regardless of all the setbacks, remember that you have never given up. You have always held on to that desire for success. And how strong and powerful that desire must be!"

-- Stephen Gullo, Ph.D. "The Thin Commandments Diet"


  1. Get well soon, and keep up the great results and great eating achievements.

    You should be proud of all the stuff you denied yourself.

    Every little achievement, is something you should be proud of, and you're doing really, really well.

    Keep it up and good luck :-).


  2. What a great quote! Thanks for posting it.

    And good job on passing up all that food. I don't know if I could do it.

  3. Way to go on the food part Shawn!... me not so much! not going crazy .. but not saying "no "either ...:S

    Neat quote! I like!