Thursday, December 8, 2005

I know, I know, it’s late for me to be updating but it’s been a busy day.

Let’s see… Yesterday was ‘dance night’ after work so I put on my dancing shoes and went out to boogie. Unfortunately my legs were KILLING me from doing legs earlier, but I didn’t let it put too much a damper on my night. Again I spent hours ‘goovin’ and it was awesome.

I’m a little unsure how the day’s calories came out because we ended up going for Chinese food after dancing and it was difficult to tell portion sizes but I did the best I could. Approximated totals: 2400 Calories 34% Fat/ 33% Carbs / 31% Protein. I was AMAZED at how quickly the Chinese food added up :P

In looking at the past few days I’ve realized that perhaps my ‘lack of progress’ isn’t as surprising as I thought. I’m getting a goodly amount of calories each day and several days now that I THOUGHT were close to 2000 are coming out over that. This is good to know and on several levels… reassuring. That means that with the slightest amount of tweaking I should be seeing some changes. All I can say that is, it’s about bloody time! :)

So, on to today. I hadn’t really planned on hitting the gym today – I did my cardio last night. Still it was a little frustrating to wake up, look over at the clock and realize you had a ‘twelve o’clock flasher’ on you hands. Yeah the power had gone out. I ‘overslept’ (which means it was 6:00 – what a sick, sick world I now live in that 6:00AM is oversleeping). But, as I said, I wasn’t planning on going to the gym anyway.

Food is going good today. Shooting for 2000-2300.

This last bit – you don’t have to read it’s simply for my records.

The “Bitch” arrived today.

I don’t note it because I think anyone would be interested but because when I stopped noting it I had nothing to reference the next month to figure out when I should be expecting TTOM. So I spent all this week going… Should it have come last week and I’m late, or maybe next week? Gah!

Oh – and lastly, it’s official, I have NO Christmas spirit this year. So Bah Humbug!


  1. NO!!!! You have to find your holiday spirit! It's no fun all by myself...LOL

  2. It's cool, you don't have to explain about why you posted late.

    Your stuff is always worth the wait :-).

    Try not to worry too much about the ratios. As long as you are getting your ratios within about 3-4% then I think you'll be fine, but obviously the closer the better ;-) ;-).

    Day by day, you are growing and developing as a person, and I feel very happy for you.

    Keep working hard at this, keep smiling, keep feeling proud of yourself and GOOD LUCK.

    You have so much to smile about :-)


  3. Glad to see you had a great time last night. With a little tweaking I bet you can get those cals. under control and will start seeing great reults. Oh, and have a Merry Merry Christmas, bah humbug my ass, get into the spirit!

  4. Yes...I have to agree...that is a sick sick world when 6am is sleeping amaze me!!

    You can have some of my Xmas's annoying the hell out of everyone around me :P

    Sillllverrr Belllllsss *horribly off key*