Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Dreaming is wonderful, goal setting is crucial, but action
is supreme. To make something great happen you must get
busy and make it happen. Take that action step today that
will put you on your path to achievement."

*Greg Werner {Strength & Conditioning Coach}

The holiday went well. The kids arrived late in the day on Christmas day and we opened presents, ate chocolate and generally enjoyed each other’s company.

Yesterday we had our ‘feast’. Tons of food and a lot of good company. I think everything went over well and I was happy to get to do it, and even happier that it’s over ;). I do know that yesterday was one of those few times that I ate so much I honestly thought I was going to be sick. BLEH! I was STILL full when I woke up this morning!

But, today I woke up feeling like it was the first day of the rest of my life. I know, all the challenges and new years resolutioning is supposed to happen on January 1st or 2nd but I figured why waste a week? So, I was up at 4:00 AM this morning and ready to hit the gym. It felt so good to force my sluggish body out of bed and MOVE.

The gym was relatively empty this morning. I think most of the ‘regulars’ have taken the week off and resolutioners haven’t started yet. There were a FEW new faces at the gym today, a few regulars and a lot of empty space. It was nice. I hit the treadmill first off and did 20 min HIIT. I was surprised at how ‘easy’ it was. I actually kept my normal pace and didn’t feel like I was going to die. Considering I still felt like I had food in my stomach from the night before that was a big plus. Not to mention I got to thinking. I didn’t workout much the week of Thanksgiving, then we worked out with the trainer for two weeks, then we were sick for a week and then we only made it to the gym one time last week. So it’s been over a month since I’ve had a good consistent gym schedule. It’s going to be an interesting week.

After my run I headed to the weight room and started my chest workout. I was a little nervous (see note above about not working out in a while) that I may have lost a lot of ground, but again I was pleasantly surprised.


Bench Press (+Bar): (Two warm up sets) 70 x 6 / 70 x 6 / 80 x 5
Incline Dumbbell Press: 45 x 6 / 45 x 6
Flyes: 25 x 6 / 25 x 6

Then because I had some extra time I threw some ab work in there

Cable Crunch: (190 x 15) x 3

A little stretching and I was ready to hit the shower.

I am feeling REALLY good.

I had meal one after the gym and I’ve got all the food I need for the rest of my lunches. Ready to make this an amazing day.

Oh! And the best news today? Weight 205.2 – I made it through the holidays without blowing myself out of the water! Yay!

Besides being a practice run for the start of my first challenge of the new year, I have some other things I want to accomplish this week.

1) Get my training schedule/program set out for the entire first twelve weeks.
2) Get my goals worked out

I’m sure there’s at lease one thing on that list that I’m forgetting – so expect it to grow.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking forward to the new year as much as I am!


  1. Hay, for someone who was finding it hard to train, feeling sick, and not being able to train with gym closures for Christmas, you posted some pretty superb stats.

    One of things I really find great about you, is you look at the pictures of you in your new dress a few weeks ago, and you just can't tell what you're capable of.

    You look like someone who could achieve a lot, yet is not able to achieve much as yet, due to your appearance, and current lack of athleticism, but then you just post some amazing stats.

    I mean darn misses, 40lb Bench to warmup, holy momma, that's impressive. In Brit speak you're talking 18kg's.

    When I started out, I was using an Olympic bar that was eventually after many years discovered to be 15kg's. I was up to 20kg's after about 2 months.

    You're shifting around 18kg's just as a warmup, and given the amount of bodyweight you currently have to move as well, that's seriously good shizzle.

    20kg on Inclines!!! As a warmup???Now seriously. I am very impressed. I'm not just saying that.

    You're a very deceptive person, who is capable of far more than it first appears. I can only begin to imagine the amazing things you will be achieving this time next year.

    First day of the rest of your life. You bet, and what a life. Keep that sort of form up, and you will make an absolutely rocking stage athlete, when you're 39 / 40.

    If you think that time frame is too soon to hit the stage. Think again. I reckon you can be there in 2.5 - 3 years at this rate.

    Great to hear you got back in the swing. You're doing fantastically well Shawn.

    In a years time you'll be putting us all to shame, and no doubt feeling younger than us too.

    Keep up the excellent stats. You are working it big time misses :-).

    You should be very proud of today. You nailed some seriously good output, and I feel really proud of you.

    WELL DONE. You're going places, so don't ever doubt it :-).


  2. Great job and thanks for the continued support! My weigh in was a little more hopefull today - almost the exact same as you! 205.8. We'll have to chug along together and see who hits goal first! Have a great 2006. - Kim

  3. Congrats on your great start!


  4. I LOVE the quote you used to start this entry. So true!

    Congrats on hitting the gym hard. I'm not waiting until Jan. 1, either.

    Oh, and I'm also blown away by the amounts you lift. You are so strong! It's really impressive!

  5. dang girl...you rock...go to town with your strong self.

  6. WOW! Good for you for working out and not wasting the week. You are my idol. :)