Monday, December 19, 2005

It feels so good to be back!

Because I’ve been sick, I haven’t been to the gym since a week ago Friday! EEK! But I think my body got some well deserved rest. Add that week’s break to the two weeks I’ve been doing funky workouts with the trainer and I was almost lost trying to get back into my old routine. I got into the groove quickly enough though.

Amazingly enough, I didn’t lose that much strength! AND because I’ve really been working hard on watching my nutrition, I started the week at 204.5 down two pounds from a few weeks ago. With the workouts going now, AND the nutrition shored up I can’t WAIT to see what the results for this week will be. I’m looking to give myself a really good Christmas Present I know it’s asking a lot what with Christmas AND a huge Christmas dinner coming up, but if I could start the new year (or at least my birthday on the 4th) less then 200 lbs I would be THRILLED.

So it was leg day. A rather auspicious way to start back in – but hey who am I to argue?

I started with 25 minutes of cardio. A warm up and then a nice walk at 3.5 MPH and 10% incline. Worked up a good sweat.

Then it was time to hit the weight room.

Warmed up with the bar and did some squats – slowly adding a bit more weight for four reps, then…

Squats (+bar): 140 x 10/140 x 10/140 x 10
45 degree leg press: 450 x 10 / 450 x 10 (need to up this weight)

Did something stupid on the dead lift – I normally do 110, but for some reason I miscounted when I was putting on weight. I loaded 130 lbs on the bar – duh. I went down for the first rep and MAN did I feel it! It’s a good thing I’m such a stickler for form because I probably could have really tweaked my back. Not that I didn’t feel it in my back – wooo baby! But I quickly racked the weight – pulled forty pounds off the bar just to be safe and finished my sets. Note to self… learn to add. 2-10 lbs weights on each side is FORTY pounds NOT TWENTY ;)

Straight Legged Dead Lift(+ bar) : 90 x 10 / 90 x 10

Single legged Calf Raises: 55 x 6 / 35 x 6

Can someone tell my why when I do both calves at once I can do over 200lbs but on single calf raises I was struggling to do 35?

Anywho – finished my workout and I’m feeling GREAT! I’m so glad to be back where I belong!


  1. Well done you for getting back into things, and big well done, for that loss of 2lb's. You should be very, very proud of yourself.

    Keep up the excellent reasults, you are doing fantastically well, and it's great to hear you are pretty much back from your viral state :-).

    Take care.

  2. Glad you are feeling better Sam! Sounds like you had a good workout too! Excellent! Ahhh. I have a was NOT freeday, but I was a bad girl all day long! So now, there you have moment of weakness has been revealed!