Friday, December 16, 2005

Oh - I almost forgot!!!

I bought EFL last night! I was so excited. Then I got home and started reading it... heh

Yeah it's good - it's nice to have all those 'clean' recipies in one place, but honestly there isn't much in there I hadn't figured out how to make on my own...

BUT the good thing is, here's a cookbook my fiance KNOWS he can pick up and cook someting out of and it's 'Bodybuilding Food'. He doesn't have to worry about 'is this something you can eat?' That part (I guess) makes it worth the $30.


  1. YAY! I think you will like it. I had the Baked Parmesan Chicken last night. I normally wouldn't have bought green pasta, but I did for this recipe and I actually liked it. It's one of the house's favorites!

    The book has made me try things that I normally wouldn't try. Like the Halibut or actually cooking with red/green peppers.

    And you can get nutritional information (fat, carbs, proteins) on the Eating for Life website.


  2. Its a great book! I love the Hot Stuff, Balsamic Salmon Salad, and the Chunky Beef Stew but almost everything is great. I like to try something new from it every week. I've been just entering each recipe into my fitday program as I make one. I never knew the nutritional info was on the website! Thanks Katiefeldmom!

  3. My wife uses EFL alot. Here's a list of favorites:
    Sante Fe Chicken Soup
    Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs
    Enchilada Soup w/ Avacado
    Carribean Pork Tenderloin (salsa is awesome)
    Marinated Flank Steak (my absolute favorite)
    Taco Pasta Salad

    The recipes are very easy and the ingredients are "normal" stuff we buy at the grocery store. Happy Eating (for Life)!

  4. I love the book too...chicken enchiladas, beef dip, the tuna casserole (I use chicken instead)..mmm mmmm mmm.

    Like Tim, I appreciate that it is "normal" ingredients in there.

  5. Yummmmm I Soooo want to get that book .. but where to get it that it doesn't cost mega $$ ??? anyone up here know a good place??

    Shawn I'm jealous..but You Go Girl! ;)


  6. I love the Santa Fe chicken soup and the beef barley soup. Oh, and the meatloaf and the vanilla nut cereal....okay, I really enjoy the whole cookbook.