Friday, December 30, 2005

You knew I wouldn't be able to stay away - didn't you?

Ok - found this on the "Buff Mother" forum and had to share...

People always say to me, "what keeps you so motivated to work out?" I
have many responses but if I had to name just one it is because I know
that every rep I do in the gym changes me forever! EVERY SINGLE REP!!!
That might seem foolish to many people but working out gives me momentum
in every aspect of life. The more energy I pour into my workout the
more energy life gives me in return. I am convinced this is the first
law of working out.

Live this law and you will get buff!

Change your life with me in 2006!



  1. I saw that post on the forum too.

    Buff mother rocks!

    Striving for Buff in 2006

  2. WOW cool post what a list of facts! Neat!

    Happy New year Hon!