Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've been pleasantly surprised by the lack of people at the gym.  It was quiet again today when I arrived - much to my relief!  I don't know if it's just this gym and where it's located or the fact that I get there so early in the morning?  I just know that I hope it stays this way!

Today was leg day, and as we've already established, I LOVE leg day.

Barbell Squat: 6 x 215 x 4*
Stiff Leg Deadlift: 6 x 175 x 3
Leg Press: 6 x 540, 6 x 630*
Seated Calf Raises: 6 x 145 x 3
*Increase in weight

I decided to really push on the squats.  I have a goal of being able to squat 2 45lb plates on a side - I'm close, oh so close!  Although, I did hit the milestone today of being able to squat my own body weight! hooray!

The Leg Press was busy when I finished with squats so I did Deadlifts next.  I decided to use my Weight Lifting Hooks because they let me relax my upper body and really focus on the hams and glutes while doing these.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the fit just right and ended up breaking a bunch of little capillaries in the back of my hand.  So, now I have this kind of weird redness/bruising.

Doesn't Hurt

 BUT - it did make the Deadlifts easier, and I think I can go up in weight next time.

Then it was over to the Leg Press.  I knew I wanted to go up from the 610 I did last week.  I figured I'd push myself and do 630 (makes it easy when loading plates when it's increments of 90) So, I start stacking plates on, get on the chair and PUUUUUUSSSSSHHHHed.  Oh! that was easy!  I was finished with my set before I realized that I had left off one plate and had only put on 540lbs.  DUH!  So, I put another plate on and did my second set.  And, I was right to go 630 - I'll wait 'til I've done two sets at that weight next week to decide if I should go up again, but my gut is saying yes right now.  (PS:  It's fun to be back at a Leg Press weight that makes the guys stop and count the 45's)

Then, I did a quick three sets of Seated Calf Raises, and I was done.

I was hoping to get a short spin in on the upright bikes at the gym, but I had an early meeting and had to go.  I'll probably set the up the trainer tonight instead.  We'll see.

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