Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a quick check in before bed, since I haven't had a chance to post in a day or two.

My goal to drink more water? eh - it's going ok - not great. But hey, how's that 'old' adage go? "Progress not Perfection"

My hands have recovered from the strap 'injury'. So that's a plus.

I've been killing my workouts. Yesterday was Back and I went to the SAC gym.  It was a little more crowded then the MIL gym where I normally workout on weekdays.  Still not as crowded as the OAK gym near my house though.

Lat Pull-Down: 6 x 140 x 3*
V Bar Pull-Down: 6 x 140 x 2*
Cable Row: 6 x 140 x 2*
One-Arm Row: 6 x 55

*Increase in Weight

Just absolutely crushing my previous PR's

Then I hopped on the treadmill and did my first day to 5K workout. I was really surprised that the run was easier then Monday. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Maybe this ‘training’ thing actually works? :D the really cool thing was that right at the start of my last 3 Min running interval, my headphones died. So, I didn’t really know when I was supposed to stop. My watch isn’t set up to show me the time for my lap (only total time) so I was kind of stuck. So – I just kept running. When I finally stopped I hit the lap button, and got the summary screen I was told I had managed to keep the 12Min Per Mile pace for 4 and a half minutes instead of the required 3. Guess I’m not as far gone as I thought!

I was back at the SAC gym today and was surprised that it was a little quieter then the day before.  I heard some of the others in the gym talking about how the crowd had died down already, and they were glad of it.  Although I like it better when the gym is quiet, it was a little sad to think that some people had given up on their goals already and it was only the 6th!

It was Chest day today, and I did my best to make the 'boys' nervous.

Incline Dumbbell Press: 6 x 45 x 3
Dumbbell Bench Press: 6 x 50 x 2
Decline Dumbbell Press: 6 x 45 x 2
Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs: 10 x 80 x 2*

* Increase in weight

I know, for sure that I could go up in weight on the Incline and Decline Presses, but weirdly enough, I'm more nervous doing chest with dumbbells, without a spotter, then I am doing a barbell. So, fear is holding me back a little.  Probably because I majorly tweaked my shoulder/back doing dumbbell presses before, and even though it's been over 4 years, I can vividly remember how it felt when it happened! :|

A few funny things started my day off right today.  As I was going into the gym, a held the door for the gym that was coming up behind me.  He was just beside himself that I would do that and thanked me over and over.  He asked me "If a man does something like that, he's called a Gentleman, what do you can a woman?"

I just laughed, shrugged and said "Polite?"  He laughed too, and then later held the door for me in return.

So, I was already smiling when I hit the gym door.  Then, just as walking into the locker room a gym behind me said, "Wow, that's a really pretty bag you have there".

Now admittedly, it IS a really pretty bag.  Probably not what most people would expect someone to bring to the gym but it's really the perfect size and function.  But, it's not really something I would expect a guy to notice.  I thanked him and went on my way.

And the best?   I was really pleased to see the improvements already when I look in the mirror.  My tummy has gone down a lot and you can actually see when my stomach ends and my boobs begin.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed because as I walked past two guys workout out I heard one say to the other,  "oooo yeah!  that's what I'm talkin' about" (Yes, I'm vain).

Girl is gettin' her groove back!

I'll be taking pictures again this weekend (for a a weight loss comp) and hopefully I'll be able to show a little progress....

P.S.  This turned out not to be such a quick update after all! hah

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