Tuesday, November 25, 2003

A few of the guys from work have desided to get into shape and one of them was asking me questions about BFL today. He tried it before but didn't totally understand it and I was explaining, and showing him some helpful websites. One of the other fellas (an older ex-military type) buts in and starts talking about a friend of his who did BFL and had GREAT results went from 2 hundred something to 175 in 12 weeks and is in just GREAT shape. (That part didn't bother me) Then he starts in on how if you follow the plan EXACTLY you can have great results too, but you have to follow it EXACTLY. (he stressed several times) THEN he turns to me and says. So, did you eat EXACTLY what he (bill phillips) told you to? Did you workout like he said? I was happy to say 'yes' on both counts but the implications chapped my hide. As if my results wern't good enough, and implying that I MUST have done SOMETHING wrong to not have seen the results he friend had. BAH! I wanted to punch the guy in the face. In fact, I almost pulled off my carnigan and flexed to get him to shut up! Luckily the first guy has heard my entire story and knows my results were good and was still willing to let me help.


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