Friday, November 14, 2003

Quick check in this morning!

Things have been GREEN! Wednesday Night I did A cardio session with my man "Billy Blanks". My honey had bought my a new DVD to try. After the KILLER leg workout the day before it was MURDER! But, I made it!

Yesterday, I woke up and the saw the scale was STILL welded at 183. But I was feeling so lean and tight I pulled out the tape measure... waist down to 34!! woo hoo! that was my goal for this challenge! I managed to walk through a minefield of meetings still green. I passed over my upper body workout because I've got a pinch in my neck that's bothering me. I did a nice fast walk for some extra cardio instead. I think I'll be able to make up the upper body today no problem.

I've got another day of meetings, plus a work BBQ (we do these about once a month) But my day is planned and I should make it with no problem!

Siince my body is being so stuborn right now I'm going to try raising up my calories for a while and then dropping them again to see if I can get something started here. With the schedule I'm thinking of doing it will set me up to do some major fat burning after the first of the year - perfect for the BFL challenge. So, today my goal is:

Calories: 1843

P/C/F Ratio: 29/56/15

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