Monday, November 10, 2003

Things have been busy here. Busy and challenging! But I’ve made it through another week! Four weeks to go.

I haven’t been entirely happy with my stats, but then I’ve been trying to convince myself that that isn’t entire what this is about. It’s about commitment and constancy, commitment not only to my diet and exercise, but to myself. I decided this morning that one of the ways I can improve my discipline is to start my day off with a positive, and that means getting up on time. I started today really well (and actually did better then normal last week too) and I’m planning to continue. There is something about making that initial effort of commitment that seems to set the tone for the entire day! I’m also still struggling with my water intake. It’s just another one of those places where my head knows what I should be doing. I’ve got all kinds of head knowledge and every excuse to drink more, and yet I still find myself ‘forgetting’ to drink my water my heart isn’t into it. I’m going to work even harder at being better at that. The good news is that I’m taking my vitamins again, and feeling really good! Clothes are fitting better everyday, and while my results aren’t ‘stellar’ there are results…

Weight down to 183 today from 194 (I still haven’t gotten to my ‘pre’-TOM weight *sigh*

Body Fat from 43.7 to 38.6 So:

Lean Mass up from 109 to 112

Fat Down from 85 to 70.5

Chest (Under Arms) From 38.75 – 37.75 –1�

Bust From 44.5 – 42 –2.5�

Ribs From 36 – 35 –1�

Waist From 36 – 34.5 –1.5�

Hips From 46.5 – 44.75 –1.75�

Butt From 44 – 43 –1�

Thigh From 25.5 – 25 -.5�

I still have 4 weeks to make some changes and I plan on working my butt off to see them!

I think I’ll be able to take pictures tomorrow as I have to work until 7:00 and that means I can get in a little later.

My fiancé has continued to work out with me, and he’s doing GREAT. We’re having a lot of fun, and MAN is it nice having someone there to spot for me and help me with a few forced reps. And NOW we’re having pushup contests!

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