Tuesday, November 4, 2003

yesterday. I had a GREAT day. Was Mui Verde... Ate clean, and within my limits, and had an AWSOME Upper body workout. I went back to BFL syle workouts because... doot da doot...My fiance worked out with me! (I didn't think he would enjoy Dr Joyce as I had) I had him using the same weight I was and though he started off scoffing, he was feeling it by the end of each set. Then when I finished everything and gutted out 10 pushups... he did 5! muahahaha! My competative nature kicks in! Unfortunatly, I know him... and he'll surpass me within a week! Still he's a little sore this morning but not so much that he's ready to quit. A good sign, a REALLY good sign. I'm up and ready to go this morning. Feeling GREAT. I'm not sure what we're doing for cardio tonight, but we'll be doing it. (Ed - don't go there! lol!)

Need to get ready for work now!!

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