Monday, November 17, 2003

Ok, so first, I have to appoligize for my 'knee jerk' reaction earlier today. I was feeling SO bad from what I figure was 'carb overload'. I kept to my plan today - made it to 1825 calories - ratio 29/56/15 - EXACT! and, I did it without feeling crappy! yay! It helped that I found a GREAT dence energy bar at the store. Kept the calories up and the bulk down!

I also found a few tricks to make the program work better for me, AND introduced it to my fiance. Now it's a compitition to see who can get a better score each day.

I KILLED my legs today! I've gotten to the point that I'm trying to up my weights every time I work out my legs, really pushing them to the fullest. Tonight was the closest I have ever gotten to getting sick!! plie squats, jump squats, straight leg dead lifts, and split squats... I was wobbling after!!

The BEST news is that I may be getting a treadmill for Christmas!!! YAY! I've got it all picked out, just waiting for a little extra money to come our way.

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