Monday, November 3, 2003

Sunday - Well didn't turn out as I had hoped. Woke up feeling worse then before and spent the day recovering. Eats were Green. Ate what I needed to, nothing more, nothing less. Too week and shakey to do much of anything. I went outside for a little while but it felt so cold and I ached so much afterwords that I had to soak in the shower relax enough to even lounge on the couch! Still, it gave me time to think and regroup. I took a break from BFL this past week. Loved Joyce and the face paced workout taped, BUT I miss lifting heavy! I already feel like the muscle I've worked so hard for in my upper body is starting to dwindle. :P I also feel like I need to tighten up my nutrition. While I havn't nessisarily been eataing BADLY I feel like I'm letting little things slip through, and while once in a while isn't bad, I don't want a little slip to turn into a terrible tumble. This is a dangerous time for me. I'm feeling good about the wieght I've lost and the progress I've made, it's too easy for me to relax and feel complaicent. I'm NOT going to let that happen. I want to stay on the edge. Push myself further then before... I want to set and reach goals I never thought possable, but to do that I've got to stay dillegent! November is going to be THE month for me. Made even better by the fact that my honey has declaired OUTLOUD that he is going to make a change AND asked me for help! I wouldn't feel right helping him if I didn't walk the walk myself. I actually got up early this morning and fixed him breakfast, lunch and snacks. We will be one FIT couple sliding into the new year!

Ok - got to get some work done

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