Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Wow! I killed my legs last night. They are nice and sore today that's for sure. I changed up a few of my excercises and BOY can I feel it! I love it! My pants seems to get baggier every time I put them on, though the scale is staying pretty steady right now. I'm waiting with bated breath to finally see the 170's but not getting down about it. I just feel so good right now about the changes that I'm seeing that the scale is simply something I look at and note. Don't get me wrong, Seeing the scale go down is a TREMENDOUS thrill, but having it stay the same doesn't make or break me. I feel so strong lately! I upped the weights on most of my excercises last night and I felt as if I could have kept going! We'll see how it goes later this week when I do legs again ;)

Eats are right in line... staying within my ratios etc. Been doing pretty well in staving off hunger. I've been hitting the water a bit heaver lately too. Other wise... all is good! Still pushing the bariers for all I'm worth!

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