Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Well it's 11:47. I managed to find 1,000,000 things to do tonight and my workout kept getting pushed back. But, it's done now! WOW did I punish myself! lol

I upped weights on the dumbbell press and it felt GREAT

17.5 (per dumbell) x 12

20 x 10

22.5 x 8

25 x 6

22.5 x 12

then when I went to do flyes I was thinking "I normally do these with my 12.5lb dumbells but I'm going to use my adjustable weights so I can go a little heavier" I remembered that the bar and collars weigh 3.5 lbs i figured I could put 10 lbs on it and it would be just a little heavier then my normal 12.5... (confused yet?) So I looked at 10 printed on the side of the weight and went.. "yeah, that's about right". It wasn't until I was at rep 6 that it finally clicked in my brain that there was a 10lb weight on EACH side of the dumbell and that added up to 20!! duh! It was punishment time! I managed all 12!!!! EVERY part of my upper body was shaking by the time I was finished with that set!

Onto back and I did bent rows... after a punshing chest workout what do I do? Up my weights here too!!

15 x 12

17.5 x 10

20 x 8

22.5 x 6

20 x 12

and bent flyes - this time I just used my 12 lb weights... I had already learned my lesson from earlier and I was still hurting...

12 x 12

Shoulders were pretty much uneventful - My shoulders are still piddly *** weak! lol Side laterals at PUNNY weights..

2.5 x 12

5 x 10

7.5 x 8

10 x 6

7.5 x 12

Front raises - well I should drop the weight I guess - I did 12 and put EVERYTHING I had into them, but could only raise the weight about 1/4 of the way up..

7.5 x 12

Briceps I'm still FIGHTING my left arm. I could probably go up on my right but my left really struggles. I'm glad I'm using dumbbells or it would be WAY too easy to cheet on these...

7.5 x 12

10 x 10

12.5 x 8

15 x 6

12.5 x 12

Hammer curls to finish things off and REALLY make me suffer... I actually whimper though these!

12 x 12

Triceps - workout's almost finished! My biceps burn.. shoulders are freid, my chest mucles are SHAKING...

did kickbacks

10 x 12

again had a 'blond moment' and for some reason stuck 5 lbs on the dumbell instead of 2.5 which is my NORMAL increment - so I ended up upping the weights on tricpes TOO.


17.5 x 8

20 x 6

17.5 x 12

Then I did my FIRST set of dips. Granted it was a VERY low (step stool) 'bench' but I did 'em!

12 of them..

It feels SO good to be working out again.. though I hurt.. and I know I will continue to hurt tomorrow!

Got the cranberry sauce, cranberry chutney, and pie crusts made tonight... no taisting either.... diets on plan!!!

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