Wednesday, November 26, 2003

last night was poorly planned. I've had one of those weeks where everything I do seems to be jinxed. Things like, I open the freezer and something falls out, so I bend over to pick it up, in the meanwhile the freezer door moves and when I straiten I hit my head.. HARD! so I put the chicken back in the freezer and it dislodges something ELSE that falls out.... repeat I can't open something without it spilling, I can't cook without burning either the food or myself and on top of it all I keep forgetting and/or loosing things. So, I worked late last night, then on the way home I get on the phone with my mom (who I haven't talked to in months) and my battery starts to die. So I plug in the phone. Now I get home and I'm stuck inside the car because I can't unplug the phone, and I don't want to hang up because we're in the middle of an ernest talk. I finally sign off, and get inside. The kitchen is still a mess from the day before so I do the dishes, then start dinner. By this time it's after 7:00 pm! I finally get dinner taken care of and realize dinner dishes have taken over the kitchen and I have to clean it again! I start on my pies and figure out I'm out of ground ginger... so it's off to the store (it's now 10:00pm)... Then back home again. Finally get the pumpkin made and there is a CRASH in the bedroom - I hear Nigel making a commotion. We finally get the story.. the cat had been on the top bunk of the bed and had jumped off, missjudging her landing. She landed square on the swiss ball which by the law of physics went one direction while the cat went the other. Aparently she was so surprised that she didn't 'land on her feet' (she's still a kitten and not entirely coordinated) and was now refusing to put her weight on one hind foot. Now I'm seeing visions of a vet bill weeks before christmas! We quickly determined that nothing was broken but could see she was in obvious pain. She couldn't sit, or find a comforatable position to lay in. I finally got back to baking (this time burbon chocolate pecan pie) And when I go to find the pie crust I had stayed up until 1:00am the night before making I can't find it! I'm digging through the fridge and everytime I move one thing, something else falls out ... by this time I'm in TEARS and had to call in the calvery! My fiance' held onto me for a while, assured me again that the cat's ok and found my pie crust... I finished my pie got them both baked and watched the cat walking around putting weight on her foot again, although still limping... it was 1:00am and there was NO WAY my cardio was getting done!! So, yellow day BLEH!!!

By the way, I woke up this morning and was trying to find the cat. I finally looked in the last place I would expect her to be... in the top of the closet. And there she was, peering over the edge at me, curled up on top on of Nigel's t-shirts. Me thinks she'll be ok. She now shows some stiffness after laying around a while, and won't run on the foot, but walks without limping. Whew! She's a MUCH more cautious kitty today.

My Eats are on plan today. though I have NO idea how to get my workout in with company showing up at my house this afternoon. I may go in the bedroom and do a leg workout, hopefully it won't appear too rude. I'm not above taking time for me... even during the holidays. I did have ONE epithany today. I was mulling over my lack of progress this month when it finally hit me. I haven't been able to run this month! My cardio has been 'walking quickly' at lunch, some tae bo or sometimes just calastincs.... Since I've asked Santa for a Treadmill it will be interesting to see if that will move things along again (though the change in diet has had a postive effect)

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