Monday, November 17, 2003

I’m done – done with this current ‘higher cal’ ‘higher carb’ phase. After four days of it I’m feeling sluggish, bloated and just YUCK! My tummy was constantly distended from the shear volume of food. It feels as if my entire body has gone soft, even my arms and shoulders, it’s probably water retention, but it feels so GROSS! So today I’m back on BFL. Funny thing is, I think those few days at higher calories have done their job. After a breakfast that was twice what I would have ‘normally’ ate, I was good and hungry 2 hours later. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign that my metabolism has hiked up a bit. I would love to see the scale start to fall again. Good news is, even with all the icky feeling the scale stayed pretty steady the past few days. I may have to try this experiment again. Perhaps will less carbs though. Bread doesn’t seem to agree with me AT ALL!

I’ve also decided NOT to use the PFA (Personal Food Analyst). I found that with it I was spending several HOURS a day tweaking my plan so that I could almost EXACTLY match it’s requirements. Yes, I want to be fit and healthy, but not at the expense of my family time. I will continue to monitor my input, but not to that level. Perhaps if my body was my JOB… but I’m a computer geek :)

On a positive note, I’m wearing my first pair of ‘hip hugger’ slacks today. I’ve never been able to find a pair that ‘fit’ my body before. I’ve found that this is a VERY flattering style for me. With my ‘top heavy’ body and short waist I often felt like I looked like “Miss Piggy� when I would tuck my blouses in. With these new slacks I look longer in the torso and my butt looks shorter! Both positive things! Don’t get me wrong these are not “Butt cleavage� pants. But they are set about ½ inch lower then my natural waist. It’s all good!

Time for lunch now!

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