Thursday, November 6, 2003

Rough Day Yesterday

I should have planned better, luckily everything worked out ok.

I had one of those late night meetings that I just HATE, From about 5:30 to 8:30. Why they schedule a meeting during dinner and then serve us "Heavy appitizers" is beyond me. Apparently "Heavy appitizers" means: Fruit, crackers and cheese, White bread and dip, veggies, chex mix, and fried chicken wings. At least last quarter they had grilled chicken on scewers! So, I ate some veggies and nibbled some of the rye bread out of the chex mix. I also passed up the free drinks! YAY! That was a big step for me... avoided the 'beer presure'. Felt MUCH better because of it too. Still made it through the day ON PLAN and green! yay!

Looks like I've lost almost all of the water weight from TOM.. scale is being pleasent again, so another boost for me. the 170's are back on the horizon. Planning a lower body workout for tonight. I wish I could get as enthusiastic about it as I do my other workouts, but I'm not THAT Masocistic.. YET.

Almost quit my job last night *sigh*. I wish I was secure enough to work for myself again. I hate this economy.

Other good news, I actually put on and zipped up a pair of size 12 jeans the other night. That was thrilling. Not to the point I could wear them in public, but zipping is a big step!!

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