Monday, October 27, 2003

Had an EXCELLENT weekend. Friday night I hit the house ready to go for my run, and my sweetie and his son were dressed and ready to come with me! Was a VERY pleasant surprise. We all headed to the track together and I have to say, each day I run I’m surprising myself at how I’m feeling and the progress I’ve been able to make. My fiancĂ© who hadn’t seen me run for a LONG time was really pleased and surprised at how ‘fast’ I was moving (fast for me). And I blew him away when I sprinted the 100 at the end… not once but TWICE. He was like “Wow! You were really moving!”.

Saturday I picked up my Youngest daughter. We spent the day treating her for her birthday (which was earlier this month). I kept it green. Then Sunday, we went for a LONG hike along the coast. It wasn’t too hard as we had the kids along, but there were a few hills and I worked up a little sweat. I came home and blasted out a lower body workout later and basically wrapped up the weekend totally GREEN!! It felt GREAT!

My daughter stayed the extra night, and I drove her the 100+ miles to school this morning. Funniest thing on my way back to work I had a truck driver pace me for a bit (which kind of freaked me out as I drive a little black bug) The pull ahead and give me the “ooo la la…” and “OK” sign, the fall back behind me. Guess he liked what he could see from way up there. I waved a thank you and got a light flash in return. I guess I’m a little strange in that I’ll take a compliment where I can get it! And always try to be courteous in return.

I’m starting to get a little concerned as my weight drops. Any other time I’ve had serious weight loss it starts to tail off and/or stop completely between 180 and 175. This is not because of anything my body does, but because I start to feel ‘comfortable’, about that weight. That’s when I got from HATING my body to merely disliking it, and the sacrifices that I used to make to get to that weight didn’t seem to be worth it any more. Of course no other time have I combined working out with dieting. But, this time I’m determined it will be different. Why? Because this time it’s about so much more then hating the way I look. It’s about challenging myself, and meeting that challenge head on. It’s also about loosing weight sensibly and being focused on keeping it ‘green’ and not just about seeing the scale go down. Lately I’ve found that the scale going down is just a happy bi-product of the work I’m doing, not the be-all end-all means. These are the mindsets I’m bringing with me through the next six weeks…

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