Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I'm a little low in the enthusiasim department today. Non-body related stuff has me down, work etc. It's left me with little energy for outside stuff. Planning an upper body workout tonight. I've gotten to the point where my workouts don't depend on weather I 'feel' like it or not. I'm tired, cranky, and unenthused, but I'll do it anyway. Much like Ed I was a 110% or nothing kind of gal for so long... It used to be that if I didn't feel like working out, if I wasn't BOUNDING my way to the gym and ready to give every ounch of who I was.. I just didn't go. Now I realize that I need to workout, weather or not I 'feel' like it. 1 - because it usually makes me feel better and I usually end up giving 110% in the end anywawy. and 2 - because every MOMENT I'm doing something is another step in my journey. Yeah, I might be walking, or even CRAWLING rather then running, but I'm still moving and in the correct direction.

I checked my body fat measurement again today, just to make sure that had gotten an 'accurate' (accurate as is possable on a scale) reading. It came up 38.6% again, so I'm pretty confident in that number. And yes, that means I've lost 12.5lbs of fat and gained 5.6lbs of muscle in four weeks. So, when does this muscle I've been gaining, fianlly start doing it's job and start burning more fat!? lol Overall, in 10 weeks, I've lost 28 lbs of fat, and gained 12.5 lbs of muscle. I still find myself sore on a regular basis, so I feel like I'm pushing myself. I'm still on fire...

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