Saturday, October 11, 2003

I just HAD to bounce in here and actually put into words my two pieces of GREAT news.

1) Did my upper body workout tonight, while lifting weights I felt tired, and rather week, BUT when I did my pushups I did 5 That's right 5!!! pushups.. I'm 1/2 way there! Then, after resting a bit, I actually did 2 more. *grunting and doing my incredible hulk pose* muahahahah!

2) After showering I desided that it was time to check my BF% - The only way for me to do that is to get on my scale.. BUT.. the Body Fat part of it is a special program.. so I set it, got on, and closed my eyes when it displayed the weight. The last time I checked my BF% was on 9/29 and it was coming up 42.9%, this time.... 38.6% and that was without even adjusting my mesurments from last time! Considering I started measuring the end of July and I was at 50% or higher I'm SO stoked!!

Today was exactly what I needed to keep on pushing myself. Just that little kick in the pants.

I'll be taking pictures tomorrow, but it will be on film, so I'll have to have it developed... maybe I'll snap some webshots just to preview. I don't know that the changes will be that visiable on the outside, but at the moment, I don't really care!

Flying high and ready for the new week!!

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