Thursday, October 30, 2003

Tomorrow is Halloween already! Holy CRUD! where has this year gone!? Funny thing is, I'm really looking forward to next year. And not just because we're getting married! I'm finding I'm looking forward to the future a LOT more then I used to. Could be the company I keep (having a loving partner helps a lot) and it could be that I feel as though I'm finally taking CHARGE! I'm the boss of my own destiny, and it feels good!

I'm still sore today from Tuesday's upper body workout. I didn't realize my delts were in such sucky shape! OUCH! I'm glad I'm giving myself some time to recover.

OK, the wierdest thing just happened to me. One of the guys here at work got an email from his brother regarding some guys transformation story. The guy I work with was just dumbfounded and kept saying.. "This can't be REAL!" So _I_ HAD to jump in... showed him Bodychangers, and the body for life program. He was like.. WOW! I could do that! I had to tell him, heck _I'm_ doing that. He just couldn't believe that someone could make those sort of changes in 12 weeks. I had to tell him a bit of my story and several timies reasure him that these guys were putting about 1 hour in the gym a day.. not the "3 or 4" that he was thinking... Was just so wierd to be looked at as the 'expert'...And now I've got even more pressure (wich I like) to stick with it. I have something to PROVE to the folks here. There are several people here who will be watching to see my stumble... Oh, and someone mentioned.. "Yeah! you can Really see the weight you've lost!" that was cool too.

OH, and the scale said 181 today.. .I can see the 170's on the horizon and I'm SO excited about it!!

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