Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I'm frustrated because I'm stuck at home today. I had some work I needed to get done but I forgot to grab the bank card from my honey this morning, and I have NO GAS. Luckily my work is flexable enough I can stay home. I think I'll work on clearing alittle of the chaos up around the house and add a little peace back in. (Housework is not my favorite thing in the work.)

I woke up feeling "skinny" this morning. A mirror check felt pretty positive too. Having a good day. I'm really excited about the weekend as both my daughters will be visiting. I'll get my oldest to take my challenge 'ending' pictures for me. Maybe this time I'll get her to come on a run with me too. She worries me sometimes as she's only 5'2" and already 145lbs at 15. While some of that is muscle (she plays water polo and softball) I know that they eat like CRAP at thier dad's house. Fast food at least once a day. I think she does some of the things I did as a teenager, like not eating all day then stuffing herself at dinner. I'm thinking that this weekend we'll have a really honest talk, but I'm not sure how to do that without coming off ALL wrong. After all, how do I say... "Honey, your fat, and I'm worried it's just going to get worse..."?

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