Thursday, October 9, 2003

Still here, still fighting... The next few days should be interesting. Tomorrow is my fiance's birthday, and I've been busy buying presents, planning a small get together, etc. I actually have to get up EARLY tomorrow just to get my upper body workout in, ICK! Doesn't the time change sometime soon!?

As I've said before I have/had planter fasciitis in my feet. Last night, for the first time, I did SINGLE calf raises, and there was a NOTICABLE difference in the stability between my right and left leg. My right foot has been the one that's been giving me cronic pain (Though it's been TONS better since I've been excercising regularly). While doing calf raises it was evident that the supporting structure of my right foot is WAY behind my left. This, of course, only exasperates the plater fasciitis, as it's the rolling of my ankle inward and collapsing of my (surprisingly high) arches that causes it. So, now I'm wondering if there Are there excercises I can do to strenghten my ankles, and or foot? I imagine that the calf raises are a biggy, and I'll continue to do them singularly to make sure that I'm not over compensating for my 'bad' foot. I'm thinking that I should get some sort of step to do them on, so that I'm getting a full range of motion. Other then that, are there other things I could do? I have the stretches that the Dr recomended, and I take my anti infamitories, but these are designed to aliveiate the problem once it's occured, NOT prevent it in the first place (typical american medicine).

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