Monday, October 20, 2003

Yes, it's Monday, and the first day of my last week of my first 12 week BFL challenge... (How's that for confusing?) I'm feeling UP UP UP!! I rolled over in bed this morning and thought.. Oh my god! I'm sore! But then I got up and walked around a bit, and it turned out to just be a little stiffness, not 'real' sorness. My 'pelvic floor' is a bit saddle sore, and my hips have a bit of lingering twinges but otherwise I feel FANTASTIC. The fact that I can have a day like yesterday and still feel HUMAN afterwords has made the last 11 weeks well worth it!

THEN, I was leaving my house this morning and my neighbor was standing on the porch having his morning ciggy. I don't see him often as he works nights, me days so when we do say 'hello' it's usually when one or both of us is running in or out the door. I got a cheery 'Good Morning' and a 'How are you doing?' then he says, "Have you lost weight?". I'm sure I BEEMED because, as I've said before NO ONE has said anything up 'til now. After I acknowldged him, he said "I thought so, I was sitting here thinking, man, she looks DAMN good." I'm not sure how to take my neighbor thinking I look DAMN good, but hey I'm glad someone noticed..

My day is going as 'planned' I had a GREAT breakfast of cream of wheat with protien powder.. NUMMY. I've got yogurt and protien for 'snack' and a salad with SPICY chicken for lunch. This is going to be a greener, then green week my friends.. you can count on it!

Oh, and my waist was down to 35" this morning, hips to 45.5" Yay!

Today I CHOOSE to lose weight!

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