Thursday, October 9, 2003

I'm getting ready to hop into bed, so I think it's safe to call today GREEN. One thing - Sprints/Leg workout/HIIT Run on three consecutive days.. a sore body does make!! My quads, hams, gluts, and Obloquies, oh and abs are ALL sore! I'm just a bundle of pain from just above my navel.. down. Every time I move I find a new place that hurts, but I'm ok with that!

I'm still finding myself down. I'm not feeling as if I'm getting the same 'extraordinary results' as I did the first six weeks. And yet I KNOW I'm not slipping into ordinary measures. I think, perhaps, that my body is just changing in much more subtle ways. That's what I keep telling myself at least. Still, the question of weather or not I'm getting results has me evaluating every workout to make sure I really am honestly giving it my all. And I AM. I'm also finding the mirror to be a very frustrating tool. I can't seem to see past all the 'bad' areas. I look and I see all the progress yet to be made and I get frustrated and impatient. One thing it DOESN'T make me want to do is quit!!! I'm here for the long haul. However long that haul might be. Now that my first set of 'goal jeans' kind of fit, I've pulled out another pair. When those fit, I've got the next pair lined up, and when those fit.. umm well we're treading new ground.

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