Sunday, October 12, 2003

Had a great day today, though it started off a little tough. I got up this morning and went for a run. It was a beautiful day.. just an amazing display of the 'dog days of summer'. I desided on not doing HIIT and just went for a jog around the track at a steady pace. It was a nice change and a GREAT feeling workout. I think I averaged a 12 minute mile and sustained it the whole time, wich is a BIG improvement for me. BUT, when I finished and went to do a sprint to finish it off I felt a sharp pain in my quad. I went for as long as I could, but it was too painful to keep up. I limped my way home. Even after my shower my quad was hurting. It was actually hard as if I it was a cramping. I took some advil and was worried about the lower body workout I had planned.

We spent the day in San Francisco, walking ALL over the place. Aparently that was exactly what I needed because my leg started loosening up. I still wasn't sure about my lower body workout, but when I got home I desided I could at LEAST do my ab workout. Then I thought 'dead lifts can't hurt'... Once I had gone through all the trouble to drag out the weights I figured I may as well TRY squats. I desided on sumu (sp?) squats because I now that those tend to focus on the inside of the legs instead of the front of the quad where I was hurting. To my amazement I was able to do them!! I did a COMPLETE lower body workout!! I was SO proud of myself.

I'm sitting here doing the Happy Happy Joy Joy dance... I hardly even know myself, overcoming all this crap and getting my workouts done. Who IS this woman?? I kind of like her. :)

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